Casola Val Senio


The Little Italian Provence of Medicinal Plants


Casola Valsenio is renowned for its close connection to medicinal plants, earning it the title of the “Little Italian Provence.” The heart of this fascinating destination is the Garden of Herbs and the Lavender Road, two emblematic places that attest to the importance of an ancient economic and cultural activity centered around medicinal plants.

Discover the magic of the Garden of Herbs, where you can immerse yourself in a world of unique scents and colors. Explore enchanted paths and admire a wide variety of medicinal plants, carefully cultivated with care and passion. This enchanting place is a true treasure for nature enthusiasts and those eager to uncover the secrets of herbs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the picturesque Lavender Road, a route that will lead you to breathtaking landscapes and lavender fields. Let yourself be enveloped by the intense aroma of this plant and admire the colorful spectacle unfolding before your eyes.